Our Croflix C2C crochet pattern & tutorial allows you to choose your favorite graphs for a custom graphgan blanket.

Hi friend! Happy Wednesday! We’re so excited to share our new, free crochet pattern & Crochet-along with you.

As yarnies, we’ve all made special crochet gifts and projects for our family, friends, co-workers…. Right? We do it because we love it!

This time – we wanted to create something for YOU. Something special for you to crochet for yourself!

One of our favorite things to do when the kids are in bed, the chores have been completed, and life is still — is crochet and watch our shows! Shows are our guilty pleasure. We call it Croflix when we happen to be watching Nexflix and crocheting. Or Crolu when we’re tuning in to our favorite Hulu shows and stitching.

We all have those giant afghans we’ve made. They’re hot, heavy and sometimes ugly. Anyone have an ugly afghan from when they first learned to crochet? {Donna raises her hand!} This project is designed as a lapghan. Each C2C chart is 85 pixels wide. The top Banner is meant to be either Croflix or Crolu, depending on which network is your jam.

Then each subsequent panel will be YOUR favorite shows, creating a customized lapghan to use while you crochet and watch your favorites! Wait. What?! A customized Croflix or Crolu blanket to use WHILE you Croflix or Crolu? Yes, please!!

{Michaelene’s youngest daughter getting her Croflix on!}

Michaelene crocheted the laphgan above using panels from her favorite shows. Yours will be unique to you!

We know you’ll have some questions, so we’ve put together some answers for you:

How will this work?
This week we are releasing the top banners — Croflix and Crolu. Subsequent weeks we will be releasing banners for popular television series on both networks.

How big are the charts?
Each chart is 85 pixels wide. The length is different for each panel. Not all shows looked good if we forced them to fit in a certain mold. This means your blanket will be different from everyone else’s.

Are you providing yarn colors/lists for each chart?
No, this project is based on your own interpretation and yarn stash. Take your time, plan your panels and gather your supplies as you need them.

Can we request shows?
We are no longer accepting Croflix panel requests.

Yes. While we have designed some populars ones, we know everyone is different. We have set up an email to send your requests to. BUT we ask TWO things!

1 – Please send your requests only to this email address: [email protected] If you post them on Facebook, in the group, or PM us over messenger, etc. they will get lost. We can only promise to respond to the requests sent to the email address above.

2 – Be patient and kind. While we love, LOVE doing this – please remember that we are both working full-time careers; we have families and children with sport commitments and lives. We do the absolute best we can with what we have. While our patterns are free, so is kindness. When you’re kind, we feel appreciated. When we feel appreciated, we are happy to design more. It’s really a win-win and all it only costs the low price of respect & kindness.

Will you make every request into a chart?
It would be unreasonable for us to promise to design every show. We can promise to do our best to oblige the most popular requests as our personal commitments allow.

What method is this project crocheted in?
Our sample was done in Mini C2C. You are welcome to use whichever method you love best.

How big will this lapghan turn out?
Like any crochet project, results will vary. Yarn type, hook size and individual tension all play a factor in size. With that, Michaelene’s sample was done in Mini C2C using an H hook and turned out 4 feet wide.

How long will this Crochet-along run?
It really has the potential to go on indefinitely depending on shows, requests, and time.

What if I’ve never done C2C Crochet before?
We like to believe that we can achieve anything we set our minds to! If you can half double crochet (for Mini C2C) or double crochet (for Regular C2C) you can do this! Yes, it takes practice. Most rewarding things in life do! It takes patience. Learning to manipulate bobbins can be frustrating. But that shouldn’t scare you away!  We have some helpful videos for you! All of our tutorials can be found HERE. Additionally, we are both always on our Facebook group answering questions when we can.

Without further ado, here are the charts for the Banners to get started!
Download the Croflix chart.
Download the Croflix written instructions.

Download the Crolu chart.
Download the Crolu written instructions.

**A special thank you to our Facebook Group member Evelyn for providing the written instructions!**

We hope you’ll enjoy making a special lapghan for yourself! We can’t wait to see them come together. Again, if you haven’t joined our Facebook Group – please do! It’s a great group of crocheters all helping and supporting each other with 3amgracedesigns.

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Happy crocheting!