Kawaii Cuddler® Book Recommendations For Gifting Your Kawaii Cuddler Creations

We love pairing Kawaii Cuddler® with a children’s book for the perfect gift! From birthdays to Christmas, they encourage snuggling and reading – two of our favorite things. We have compiled a list of Kawaii Cuddler® Book Recommendations.

If you have a children’s book you’re interested in sharing, please fill out this form and we’ll add it to the list.

Patterns are listed in Alphabetical Order.

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American Flag®

Angel Kawaii Cuddler®

Chimney Santa Kawaii Cuddler®

Christmas Cookie Kawaii Cuddler®

Christmas Light Kawaii Cuddler®

Christmas Ornament Kawaii Cuddler®

Christmas Pudding®

Christmas Tree®

Elf Hat®

Gingerbread Boy®

Gingerbread Girl®

Gingerbread House®

Mrs. Claus®


Red Christmas Truck®


Santa Claus®