Hi friend! Happy New Year!

We have thoroughly enjoyed creating the Croflix C2C Crochet-along project.  To dedicate time for new projects & designs, some things must end. We are wrapping up this project and would like to offer one more opportunity for those currently crocheting a Croflix blanket.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a place to request random panels for a blanket that you “hope” to make “someday”. This is strictly for crocheters that have ALREADY started a blanket and need one or two panels to be able to complete their project.

After filling out the survey below, you MUST email us a photo of your Croflix project progress to qualify for design requests. This is only a last call so that no one that has started the project is left hanging.

This survey will close on January 15th, 2019 and the [email protected] email will be disabled. You are always welcome to reach us for any other questions, comments etc at [email protected].