Hello Friend!

When we first started doing the C2C method of crochet, we found there were imperfections when making color changes. In the left photo below you will see the pink arrows point to what we refer to as “ticks”. Regardless of how tight you carry your yarn, ticks won’t disappear on their own. Michaelene experimented until she found a way to eliminate them resulting in a cleaner C2C image (pictured on the right). The key is to always pull your yarn in from the front side of the panel, regardless if the front or back of that panel is facing towards you as you work.

Watch the video below for a tutorial on color changes the 3amgracedesigns way. Michaelene takes you through several scenarios for color changing and carrying your yarn with a method that produces beautiful, clear C2C panels. While you’re there, subscribe to our YouTube channel to view all our How-To videos!

Happy Crocheting!