How To Crochet A Crayon Box Amigurumi Cuddler Pillow With Rosy Cheeks And Kawaii Smile. Our Crayon Box Crochet Pattern Works Up Quickly!

Hi friend! We’re excited to share our Crayon Box crochet pattern Kawaii Cuddler™ with you!

Here are some fun facts we found about Crayon Boxes while researching our pattern:

  1. Crayon manufacturers, Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith sold the first eight packs of Crayola crayons for five pretty pennies. It included the same colors available in the eight-count box today: red, blue, yellow, green, violet, orange, black and brown.
  2. These days, industrial machines are doing the job, but before such technology existed each label was hand-rolled onto a crayon by an employee.
  3. A 2001 poll of 25,000 consumers revealed that Americans are in love with the color blue. They like it so much that the top ten favorites included these six other shades of blue: cerulean, midnight blue, aquamarine, periwinkle, denim, and blizzard blue.

Our Crayon Box crochet pattern is happy to join our other Back To School friend’s School Glue Kawaii Cuddler™, Crayon Crochet Pattern Kawaii Cuddler™, & School Bus Crochet Kawaii Cuddler™.

This is a beginner level pattern. Our finished Crayon Box project is 11″ x 10″ using the recommended hook size. You are welcome to go up or down a hook size to create a different dimension. You can even hold two pieces of yarn together with a larger hook to create a giant cuddler. The sky is the limit!

If you’ve never worked one of our Kawaii Cuddler™ patterns, they are geared towards beginners. You will work two flat pieces and single crochet them together to finish the piece. Even if you’ve never been able to crochet from a pattern before, we’re confident you can create with a 3amgracedesigns pattern. We encourage you to join our Facebook Group where we remain active helping with questions! We love passing our love for the craft on to others!

We hope you enjoy making your very own Crayon Box! We can’t wait to see your creativity. When you complete one, please post it in our Facebook group or tag us on Instagram #3amgracedesigns. We love seeing your work!

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Have an amazing week! Happy Crocheting!

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Click HERE to purchase the Crayon Box Kawaii Cuddler™ crochet pattern