How To Crochet An Amigurumi Crescent Moon Kawaii Cuddler Pillow. Our Free Crescent Moon Crochet Pattern Works Up Quickly!

Hi friend! We’re so excited to share our free Crescent Moon crochet pattern Kawaii Cuddler® with you as part of the 2021 Softie Crochet Along. This is the 4th Annual Softie Crochet Along with CAL Central Crochet!

Ten of your favorite crochet designers have joined hooks to bring you free crochet patterns for softies (including amigurumi, dolls, stuffies, and more) stuffed with Fairfield Poly-Fil or Poly Pellets. Every Monday from April 5 through June 7, 2021, a different participating designer will share a free crochet pattern for a softie. Be sure to click the image below to read all the details for this fun crochet along!

Our Crescent Moon Kawaii Cuddler® joins our other Outdoor friends Rainbow Kawaii Cuddler®, Sunshine Kawaii Cuddler®, and Mushroom Kawaii Cuddler®.

This is a beginner level pattern. Our finished project is 10″ x 11″ in diameter using the recommended hook size. You are welcome to go up or down a hook size to create a different dimension. You can even hold two pieces of yarn together with a larger hook to create a giant cuddler. The sky is the limit!

If you’ve never worked one of our Kawaii Cuddler® patterns, they are geared towards beginners. You will work two flat pieces and single crochet them together to finish the piece. Even if you’ve never been able to crochet from a pattern before, we’re confident you can create with a 3amgracedesigns pattern. We encourage you to join our Facebook Group where we remain active helping with questions! We love passing our love for the craft on to others!

We hope you enjoy making your very own Crescent Moon! We can’t wait to see your creativity. When you complete one, please post it in our Facebook group or tag us on Instagram #3amgracedesigns. We love seeing your work!

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* Size H (5.0mm) Crochet Hook
* Hobby Lobby “I Love This Yarn” in Yellow & Pink
* Fairfield Poly-fil Stuffing
* Tapestry Needle
* Black puff paint or embroidery floss
* Craft glue or hot glue gun (optional)

Ch – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
Inc – Single Crochet Increase
Dec – Single Crochet Decrease
HDC – Half Double Crochet
FO – Fasten Off
MR – Magic Ring
Sl St – Slip Stitch

10” x 11”

*Notes: Unless otherwise specified, you will Ch1 and turn at the end of each row throughout the pattern. The front side of the work is indicated by the starting tail being on the bottom left.

Crescent Moon
Make 2.
Row 1 – With Yellow yarn, Ch36, SC in second Ch from hook and in each Ch across (35)
Row 2 – Inc, SC33, Inc (37)
Row 3 – SC across (37)
Row 4 – Inc, SC35, Inc (39)
Row 5 – SC across (39)
Row 6 – Inc, SC37, Inc (41)
Row 7 – SC across (41)
Row 8 – Inc, SC22, Dec, Sl St (25) Leave remaining 15 stitches unworked
Row 9 – Skip Sl St, Sl St, Dec, SC22 (23)
Row 10 – SC20, Dec (21) Leave remaining stitch unworked
Row 11 – Skip first stitch, Dec, SC18 (19)
Row 12 – SC17, Dec (18)
Row 13 – Dec, SC16 (17)
Row 14 – SC16, Inc (18)
Row 15 – Inc, SC17 (19)
Row 16 – SC16, Dec (17) Leave remaining stitch unworked
Row 17 – Dec, SC15 (16)
Row 18 – SC14, Dec (15)
Rows 19-20 – SC across (15)
Row 21 – Dec, SC13 (14)
Row 22 – SC across (14)
Row 23 – Dec, SC12 (13)
Rows 24-26 – SC across (13)
Row 27 – SC11, Dec (12)
Rows 28-29 – SC across (12)
Row 30 – Dec, SC10 (11)
Rows 31-32 – SC across (11)
Row 33 – SC9, Dec (10)
Row 34 – Dec, SC8 (9)
Row 35 – Inc, SC6, Dec (9)
Row 36 – SC across (9)
Row 37 – SC7, Dec (8)
Row 38 – Dec, SC5, Inc (8)
Row 39 – SC6, Dec (7)
Row 40 – Dec, SC4, Inc (7)
Row 41 – SC5, Dec (6)
Row 42 – Dec, SC3, Inc (6)
Row 43 – Inc, SC2, Dec (5) Leave remaining stitch unworked
Row 44 – Skip first stitch, Dec, SC, Inc (4)
FO, Weave in ends.

Bottom of Crescent Moon

Row 1 – With Yellow yarn, panel upside down, backside facing, Dec, SC31, Dec (33)
Row 2 – Dec, SC29, Dec (31)
Row 3 – Dec, SC27, Dec (29)
Row 4 – Dec, SC25, Dec (27)
Row 5 – Dec, SC23, Dec (25)
Row 6 – Dec, SC21, Dec (23)
Row 7 – Dec, SC19, Dec (21)
Row 8 – Dec, SC17, Dec (19)
Row 9 – Skip first stitch, Dec, SC, HDC11, SC, Dec, Sl St (15)
FO, Weave in ends.

Right Point of Crescent Moon

Row 1 – With Yellow yarn, beginning in first stitch of Row 7, Inc, SC3, Dec, Sl St (6) Leave remaining 8 stitches unworked
Row 2 – Skip Sl St, Dec, SC4 (5)
Row 3 – SC2, Dec (3) Leave remaining stitch unworked
Row 4 – Skip first stitch, SC2 (2)
Row 5 – SC across (2)
Row 6 – Dec (1)
FO, Weave in ends.

Make 1.
{Cheek is worked in a continuous round, do not join}
Round 1 – With Pink yarn, MR, SC6 (6)
Round 2 – Inc x6 (12)
FO, Leave long tail for sewing.

* Use black puff paint or embroidery floss to crease desired eye & mouth.
* Sew or glue Cheek in desired location.
* Align Crescent Moon halves so ends of rows match. SC around both pieces to join together. Stuff with Poly-fil prior to completing stitching. Make sure you work in a counter-clockwise direction so your stitches face forward.

All photos and text are copyright © 2021 – 3amgracedesigns. All rights reserved. Please do not sell or distribute this pattern in part or in whole. You are welcome to sell finished items you make from this free potion bottle crochet pattern. A credit to “3amgracedesigns” as the designer is appreciated but not required. Thank you!

CLICK HERE for the ad-free, printable Crescent Moon PDF pattern