Hi friend! Happy Monday!

We’re excited to release our Mission Impossible & Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman panels for the Croflix C2C CAL! If you have questions about requesting your favorite panels, please refer to our original post Croflix C2C CAL. It has all kinds of great information! We are no longer accepting Croflix panel requests.

We’d love to encourage you to think outside the box with regards to your background colors. Most TV Show logos are done in reds, grays, white and black. That can get kind of boring. There are some beautiful variegated yarns out now that would be perfect for this lapghan! So have fun!

If you haven’t joined our Facebook Group – please do! It’s a great group of crocheters all helping and supporting each other with 3amgracedesigns.

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Download the Mission Impossible chart.
Download the Mission Impossible written instructions.

Download the Dr Quinn Medicine Woman chart.
Download the Dr Quinn Medicine Woman written instructions.

**A special thank you to our Facebook Group member Evelyn for providing the written instructions!**

Happy crocheting!

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